Articles in English

  • Article from American Bicyclist from December 1975 about independent test of Viscount Aerospace Cycle. Enjoy it!

    Thom Parks, manager of The Spoke cycle shop and an independent test rider, just wasn't expecting a blizzard.
    Not when he decided to ride his test Viscount 10-speed up the highest paved road in the world.

  • ENG A short article from magazine American Bicyclist by Mr. Otto Eiselle, past president of Amateur bicycle league of America, about the victory of the Thevenet on the Tour de France in 1975. Enyoi it!

    CZ Krátký článek vydaný v časopise American Bicyclist v roce 1975 od pana Otta Eiselleho, bývalého prezidenta Americké cyklistické ligy, o vítězství Bernarda Theveneteho na Tour de France v roce 1975. Užijte si ho!  

  • Article about cyclist rally at Hershey from American bicyclist 1967.

  • Copy of the American Bicyclist magazine from February 1967. Enjoy it!

  • Article from the American Bicyclist from December 1975. Article is devoted to repair tips, shorcuts and tools. Enjoy it :-).