Article about cyclist rally at Hershey from American bicyclist 1967.

by SIDNEY LUSTIG, Harrisburg Recreation Dept.

Just about 200 cyclists joined us for the third annual cyclist rally, May 26-30, at Hershey, Pa. The four-day event brimmed with ideal conditions for touring, sightseeing and excellent facilities for good fellowship. The cooperation from the Hershey Community Center was magnificent.
There were many people who came prepared to pitch in and work. Outstanding was Dan Henry of the New York Cycle Club with his yellow paint brush. Anyone visiting Hershey will be able to follow his signs for quite a long time; they are inconspicuous to motorists but quite visible to the cyclist.
The workshop on derailleurs by Fred DeLong, L.A.W. Eastern vice president, was an educational, informative session. Many questions were raised indicating the necessity of more workshops and seminars on the cars, maintenance and proper use of this unique gadget.
Keith Kingbay, Fred DeLong and Paul Schwemler worked hard trying to put together an educational film on cycling. Unfortunately it poured on the day scheduled for the picture taking and all plans were indefinitely postponed.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Morris of Waldorf, Md., motored in the rain to the rally for a scheduled evening concert. Mr. Morris, the tenor soloist with U.S. Navy Bank, and Mrs. Morris, his accompanist, performed as true artists. It was a real treat to listen to both of them.

Police escort us all the way
Our scheduled trip from Hershey to the capital in Harris-burg was a singular experience. We had a police escort with protection front and rear by the state police until we arrived at the Harrisburg city line. At that point the Harrisburg police took over and provided excellent coverage at every intersection. At the capital steps, Governor Raymond P. -Shafer's personal representative, Mr. Stanley Miller, presented trophies on behalf of the Governor.

Another point that requires help from all cyclists is to approach the recreation department in their own communities and suggest that they encourage and sponsor cycling activities. Offer your help and you will be amazed at the response. All progressive recreation departments are looking for new and vital ideas. Here it is—suggest it to your local recreation department!

Trophy award winners were as follows:
Oldest rider: Tony Muggio, 72, from Millersburg, Pa. Runnerup: Slade Dale, 65, Bayhead, N.J.
Rider from greatest distance to rally: Bob Reich, Merchantsville, N.J.
Youngest rider: Charles Garrittson, 61/2, Philadelphia; cycled from Hershey to Harrisburg-14 miles.

Medals for outstanding performances went to Ed Haigler, Jr., for the Harrisburg trip on his high wheeler and to Pete Elliot, age 7, and his brother Paul Elliot, age 8, from Marion, Ind. for participating in the pre-breakfast rides and on the long trips requiring real stamina.

Our jet-set on bikes
A group of 16 young people from Palmer, Mass. calling themselves the "Cyclonauts Biking Club" deserve special mention. These young people financed their trip by performing all sorts of money-raising projects from car washing and polishing to doing odd jobs. Who was it who complained about today's youth?
An interesting, unplanned event was the parade of antique cars driven by, as we stopped for a rest alongside the road on our Harrisburg trip. The contrast with today's means of transportation would have made an unforgettable educational film.
The entire rally was a memorable experience, with everyone enjoying the experience. The pleasant look on all the faces and the many requests for a repeat performance indicates that more of these rallies are in order.
To advance cycling and at the same time perform a good public relations job, rallies in the future should be conducted in communities that are not isolated. Rallies in rural areas are nice, but publicity-wise they are lost. We had excellent TV, radio and newspaper coverage due to the fact that we were close to all publicity media.

indexFollowing are newly elected national L.A.W. officers for 1967-1968:
President—Joseph Hart, Chicago, Ill.
Executive V.P.—Don Gill, Kenosha, Wisc.
Southwestern Area V.P.—Paul Schwemler, Whittier, Cal.
Northwestern Area V.P.—Harry L. Coe, Seattle, Wash.
Central Area V.P.—Wm. L. Jelinek, Wauwatosa, Wisc.
Southern Area V.P.—Greg Boss, Dallas, Tex.
Eastern Area V.P.—A. Fred DeLong, Hatboro, Pa.
Southeastern Area V.P.—Ray Teja, Clearwater, Fla.
Historian—Dan Donegan, Chicago, Ill.
Chaplain—Rev. Ed Opitz, Irvington, N.Y.
Secretary—Dorothy Hart, Chicago, Ill.
Treasurer—Phyllis Hursthouse, Evanston,